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GENFIT was created in 2013 by Leidy Pinzon and Gary Napierkowski with the purpose to inspire, motivate and create a healthy, fit and happy generation. GENFIT started as a hobby and as a fun way for Leidy and Gary to share their passion for all things health and fitness through social media. In 2014, Leidy and Gary participated in bodybuilding competitions and quickly realized that their approach to health and fitness was too restrictive and not maintainable.

 That realization inspired Leidy and Gary to adopt a sustainable and maintainable approach towards their health and fitness. In the process Gary became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and he also earned his FMS Certification. Leidy became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Certified, Precision Nutrition Coach, and ROUXBE Plant Based Certified Chef. 

During that time Leidy and Gary began educating themselves on social and environmental issues such as food deserts, deforestation, and ocean dead zones. What they learned inspired them to become more mindful of their dietary choices and how those choices directly, and indirectly affect the planet.

Today, GENFIT's mission continues to be what it always has been, but now with a greater focus on sustainability.


What We Do

We help individuals adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through fitness and nutrition coaching.

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Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

12 week coaching program

This individualized program is designed to help you reach your goals by creating mindfulness around your nutrition and focusing on functional training. You'll begin to create habits that support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Online Personal Training

12 week coaching program

This training program is centered around functional training. You'll become stronger and more fit while maintaining movement integrity and reducing the risk of injury.

Online Nutrition Coaching

12 week coaching program

The focus of this program is to help you stop dieting and teach you how to transform your eating habits and how to achieve sustainable results.


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